All You Need to Know: 2024 Melbourne SuperSprint Format

The second round of the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship introduces a unique event format, setting it apart from the rest of the season. 


All four races scheduled for the Melbourne SuperSprint will contribute to the 2024 championship standings. Additionally, drivers can earn bonus points for setting the fastest lap, a new feature for the 2024 season. 

This round promises excitement, with races held each day across four days from March 21st to 24th. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect: 

Practice sessions: 

Are restricted due to the congested track schedule, as the circuit is shared with other racing categories such as Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, and Porsche Carrera Cup Australia. On Thursday, March 21st, Supercars will have five on-track sessions, comprising two practice sessions, two qualifying sessions, and one race, providing drivers minimal track time to refine their setups.   


With short 15-minute sessions, drivers face intense qualifying sessions to secure grid positions for each race. Qualifying takes place both Thursday and Saturday mornings, setting the stage for competitive racing. 


The Melbourne SuperSprint features four races, making it the only round with such a format. Races vary in length, with Thursday and Friday races covering 19 laps (105km) and Saturday and Sunday races spanning 14 laps (80km). 


All races contribute to the championship standings, with winners earning a maximum of 80 points, including bonus points for the fastest lap. The Larry Perkins Trophy incentives drivers to perform consistently across the weekend. 

Tyres and Strategy: 

Unlike previous years, there are no compulsory pit stops, emphasising pure racing action. Drivers must strategise tyre usage from a limited allocation across the weekend, adding an element of unpredictability to the races. 

Our social media channels will share regular results & updates. Television coverage of the Melbourne SuperSprint will be accessible on Foxtel and Kayo.

This unique event format promises thrilling on-track action, making the Melbourne SuperSprint a highlight of the 2024 Supercars Championship.