All you need to know TAUPŌ SUPER 400

TAUPŌ SUPER 400: Your Ultimate Guide to the Third Round of the Repco Supercars Championship 2024


Welcome to the TAUPŌ SUPER 400, marking the third round of the Repco Supercars Championship. Get ready for races 7 and 8 of the, unfolding at a new Championship circuit in New Zealand

**Circuit Details:**

– **Track Length:** 3.32 kilometres

– **Direction:** Anti-Clockwise

– **Location:** Taupō, New Zealand

**Historical Milestones:** 

– Taupō etches its name as the 35th venue to host an ATCC/Supercars Championship round, introducing itself as the first new circuit since The Bend in 2018.

– **Tim Slade’s NZ Supercar Legacy:** Entering his 8th Supercar event in New Zealand, Slade boasts a stellar P2 best qualifying in 2014, with a commendable best race result of P6 in 2017.

– **Jimmy Golding’s NZ Track Reord:** Marking his 4th Supercar event in New Zealand, Golding shines with a best qualifying of P9 in 2022 and impressive race results of P10 in both 2019 and 2022.

**Tyre Allocation:** 

– **Soft Tyres:** Each car will receive an allocation of 36 soft tyres for the weekend’s dry racing conditions.

– **Wet Tyres:** Additionally, 36 wet tyres will be provided if required due to weather conditions.

**Event Schedule:** 

– **Pre-Event Track Walk:** Drivers and their engineers will undertake a crucial track walk on Thursday before the event commences, gearing up for a weekend of intense racing action.

**Practice Sessions:** 

– **Friday’s Agenda:** A single, extensive one-and-a-half-hour practice session is scheduled, allowing teams to dial in their setups and strategies.

**Race Format & Requirements:** 

Races 7 and 8 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, each day promises a thrilling lineup of Qualifying, a Top 10 Shootout, and a 200 KM race. To add to the excitement and strategic depth of the race weekend, teams will navigate through specific compulsory pit stop (CPS) requirements. A key strategy in play: during each CPS, a minimum of two tyres must be changed, ensuring a dynamic and competitive edge to the racing action.

– **CPS Window:** A CPS may only be conducted after commencing lap 5 on the race track.

– **Tyre Regulations:** During the CPS, the Control Tyres removed from the car cannot be refitted during that same CPS.

– **Safety Car Protocol:** If the Safety Car (SC) is deployed prior to the leader commencing lap 5, and the SC period extends beyond lap 5, the CPS window will not open until the track is clear.

**Join us at Taupō for a weekend of high-speed battles, strategic masterclasses, and Supercar glory as the Repco Supercars Championship makes its mark in New Zealand once again. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for the TAUPŌ SUPER 400!**