Nulon Racing is proud to be partnering with the FIA Girls on Track program for a special event ahead of the Gold Coast 500.  

On Thursday October 24, Nulon Racing will host a group of 15 – 22 year old girls and women who are interested in pursuing career pathways in the motorsport industry at its Arundel workshop as part of the FIA Girls on Track Pathways program.  

Nulon Racing Co-Owner, Carmen Xiberras, will be joined by FIA Girls on Track Ambassador and Nulon Racing Engineer, Romy Mayer, and Nulon Racing Partnerships Manager, Hayley Tyrell, in hosting the event.   

The proceedings will open with a Q and A with Xiberras, before Mayer and Tyrell participate in a panel discussion alongside Girls on Track champion, Tenayah McLeod. 

The attendees will then be introduced to the rest of the Nulon Racing team, before participating in workshops and breakout groups to take full advantage of their time in the state-of-the-art Nulon Racing facility.  

“With a number of incredibly talented women forming part of our team at every level, it would be no surprise to anyone to hear that Nulon Racing is a huge supporter of increasing the involvement of young girls and women in STEM industries and in motorsport in particular,” Nulon Racing Co-Owner, Carmen Xiberras, said. 

“We are very proud that we can further our commitment to this cause by hosting the FIA Girls on Track program ahead of the Gold Coast 500, and I am greatly looking forward to fielding the questions of what I am sure is going to be a very enthusiastic and inquisitive group of participants.”  

The FIA Girls on Track program aims to inspire the next generation of young girls to consider a career in the STEM industries, including motorsport; to connect young girls and women who work in motorsport; to showcase role models and those who have dared to be different; and to support and develop talent, unleash potential, inspire and connect. 

“I am so proud to be an Ambassador for this very important program,” FIA Girls On Track Ambassador and Nulon Racing Engineer, Romy Mayer, said. 

“These events are for those who are passionate about the sport, want to learn more about the various roles in the industry, and how they can get their foot in the door; allowing them to hear from women who are currently involved in the sport and connect with them and others in the industry.  

“For our team to be able to play a part in bringing these opportunities to life for those who come along on the 24th of October is something I am very excited about.”  


Those interested in participating in the event can click here to register.    


About FIA Girls on Track 

Former Formula 1 development driver Susie Wolff launched what was then known as the ‘Dare to be Different’ program in 2018. Motorsport Australia joined forces with Susie Wolff to introduce the program to Australia.  

The initiative was designed to help young girls from around Australia understand the opportunities that await them in the motorsport industry, whether it is as a driver, engineer, mechanic or one of the many other roles in a growing industry. 

From 2020, the program was rebranded to FIA Girls on Track, a global not-for-profit initiative to inspire and celebrate women in every aspect of motorsport. It offers girls aged 8-22 a unique opportunity to participate in free FIA Girls on Track events.

The program is supported by a team of Ambassadors and Champions who are pursuing various roles in the industry. From team owners, to engineers, to physiotherapists and officials, these women have a depth of knowledge about the sport and their areas of expertise. These women showcase that everyone has a rightful place in the sport and act as role models to support the younger generation into the industry. 

For more information on the FIA Girls on Track program, email [email protected] or phone the Motorsport Australia hotline on 1300 883 959. To register for the PremiAir Racing Pathways event, please click here. 

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