Knockout Qualifying

– *All three segments will run for 10 minutes each*

**How Knockout Qualifying Works:**

1. **Q1**

– All 24 drivers participate

– 10 minutes to secure a spot in the next session (Q2)

– Top 20 drivers advance, while the rest set Rows 11 and 12

2. **Q2**

– Top 20 drivers from Q1 participate

– 10 minutes to secure passage into Q3

– Top 10 drivers advance, while the others are eliminated, setting Rows 6 through 10

3. **Q3**

– Remaining 10 drivers fight for the Boost Mobile Pole Position

– 10 minutes to determine the top five rows of the grid

The knockout format will provide thrilling qualifying action, ensuring that each session is high-stakes and full of excitement as drivers battle for those all-important grid positions. 🏁