Cameron McLeod has raced through to a P8 finish in the final Super2 race of the weekend at the Bathurst 500, repaying his team who were at the track till 1.30am Sunday morning rebuilding the #92 RM Racing Cars supported by PremiAir Racing Holden Commodore ZB after it was caught up in a major tangle in Saturday’s race one.

“It wasn’t the best of starts yesterday but I am certainly enjoying my time here in the Super2 series, and it is good to finish P8 today and well within the top ten,” said the Supercars Young Gun Award winner.

“Obviously, we want to be in the top three, and ideally, we want to be winning, but with what this weekend had brought up for us already, I am pretty happy with P8 today.”

McLeod was one of a number of victims of a huge accident at The Cutting which ended a very problematic first race for Super2 yesterday marred by multiple incidents, which meant the race was declared without a full green lap having been run.

When Cameron Crick’s overtaking move on Zane Morse spun Morse into the middle of the pack, the cars behind had no where to go, resulting in the track quickly becoming blocked with damaged entries. McLeod had safely come to a stop ahead of the blockage when he was then pummelled by multiple cars approaching from behind.

“I stopped waiting for everyone to clear, but the rest of the field (behind) wasn’t looking far enough ahead I guess and destroyed the car,” McLeod laments.

“I am very bummed out about that, the blokes behind smashed into the whole field and mainly me…I copped most of the damage and that was really upsetting, but we pushed back in qualifying and the race today and it was all good.

“My thanks goes to the entire team for all the effort they put in to make sure we were back on track and able to have a fight today.”

The #92 RM Racing Cars supported by PremiAir Racing Holden Commodore ZB is prepared at the PremiAir Nulon Racing workshop between events, with the Arundel outfit’s Zach Davis overseeing the entry in the workshop and on the track, where Cameron McLeod Racing provides the race day team.

“It was a good result today, the highlight of the weekend – we definitely started off on the back foot, but we just chipped away at it,” Davis said.

“In race one we certainly had a bit of back luck getting caught up in a fairly major tangle, and it was a late one getting that all repaired.

“We all chipped in and got this car back together overnight – it was quite a large impact on the left hand side so a lot of the steel structure that holds the doors and stuff on was quite damaged, and the front took a pretty big hit as well, so the radiator, front bar and air intake all had to be replaced.

“It was a big effort from the boys to get it done, but we did, and we came back today stronger today, qualifying P15 and then chipping our way forward to finish the race in the ten with P8.”

McLeod is sporting a new sponsor for this season, with Coca-Cola coming on board one week before the event.

“We didn’t really have a livery in mind other than something red, so I guess that worked out pretty well!” McLeod joked.

“It is great to have a brand as amazing as Coca-Cola behind us – we really appreciate their support.”

“Cam’s mum and dad, Belinda and Ryan, have been flat out all week sorting out the livery and the uniforms and everything as we welcomed Coca-Cola on board just before we packed the car into the truck,” Davis added.

“It is a credit to them and all the guys on the team, it is all so well organised here and it is a good operation they have.”

Cameron McLeod Racing will be next on-track for round two of the Super2 season at the Perth SuperSprint across May 17-19.

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