The Nulon Racing Kenworth 409 and B-Double trailer is locked and loaded and on its way to Perth ready for next weekend’s Perth SuperSprint at Wanneroo.

Making sure Nulon Racing’s precious cargo makes its way across the Nullarbor safely is the team’s truck driver, Mick Shortus

Shortus has been with the team since it’s beginning, and this 10,000km haul across the country and back marks his 16th such trip.

With the Kenworth’s four fuel tanks holding 350 litres each, Shortus will make one fuel stop on the way there and, after leaving Perth with full tanks, again on the way back. Each stop will take place at Port Augusta.

“I will start off from our Arundel headquarters on the Gold Coast and head up through Toowoomba, before going down through Goondiwindi where I will stop for Friday night,”Shortus explained.

“From there, Saturday morning I will head down through Moree and then down to Gilgandra, before turning right to head over to Cobar, before stopping at a little truck stop in the middle of nowhere called Little Topar.

“I will spend the night there before leaving Sunday morning, going through Broken Hill before heading down through Yunta to South Australia, turning right and heading up over into Peterborough.

“Then it will be time to go around and over Horrocks Pass before dropping down into Port Augusta, where I will fuel up before turning right down through Iron Knob and then across to Ceduna where I will stop at a little place called Penong.

“After spending Sunday night there, the morning will see me head straight across the Nullarbor to Norseman, where I will stay one final night before heading to Perth in the morning, arriving Tuesday by around lunchtime.

“Along the way I will listen to a bit of everything but mostly country music, while taking in the great scenery and keeping a sharp eye out for the local wildlife.”

With such a tried and tested route, it is no surprise that Shortus has certain favourite stages of the trip.

“Penong would have to be my favourite, thanks to all the fresh King George Whiting you can get there,” he said.

Once on-site in Perth, Shortus’s duties are far from over.

“Once I arrive, I will wash the truck Tuesday afternoon, before detailing it and polishing it up (PremiAir Spec it) on Wednesday morning,” he explained.

“I will then head to the track and park up on Wednesday afternoon – it is a pretty cruisey day really, which is nice after a long trip.

“First thing Thursday morning I will park-up in the pits, and then it is time to unload and set-up simultaneously so it is a day of go, go go.

“We take all day to set-up – the tyre tents go up, the catering tent goes up, the team builds the garage and the whole set-up.

“Once the truck is unloaded, it is time to tidy up inside the truck and then we get straight onto the tyres in the tyre tent.

“I mount the tyres for #23, and my offsider Trevor does the ones for #31. It is our job to concentrate on the tyres all weekend, while making sure the truck is kept looking good and clean, inside and out.”

When it is time to head home, the team is well practiced in ensuring the truck is ready to go in record time.

“While it is a full day operation on Thursday to set-up, come Sunday afternoon, the truck will be loaded and ready to come home around an hour and a half after the chequered flag flies for the last time,” Shortus explained.

“We will then get some rest before heading off bright and early Monday morning to start the trip home back to HQ.”

Nulon Racing will be on-track Friday the 28th of April through to Sunday the 30th of April for the Perth SuperSprint at the Wanneroo circuit.

Friday will see the action commence with one 90-minute practice session from 2.25pm local time. Saturday will then host a three-phase qualifying from 11.25am to 12.20pm ahead of race seven of the Supercars Championship, a 42-lap sprint kicking off at 3.45pm. Sunday will then host back-to-back qualifying sessions for races eight and nine, starting from 9.25am. The 42-lap races will then take place from 11.55am (race eight) and 3.45pm (race nine). For full event information, visit

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