With thanks to respected Indigenous craftsman William Hewitt, Nulon Racing is proud to unveil its striking liveries for the upcoming Darwin Triple Crown Supercars Indigenous round.  

The #31 and #23 Nulon Racing Camaros will carry matching liveries for the Darwin event across June 16-18 at Hidden Valley Raceway. 

The liveries have been designed by Aboriginal Indigenous Australian, William Hewitt, who was born in Larrakia Country (Darwin, NT) and is part of the Wadjigan/Yawuru/Karajarri /Bard clan.  

Hewitt (who also goes by skin names Chulichi, Great Warrior, and Hunter) is highly respected for his work in the contemporary arts, in graphic and digital design, and with traditional authentic Aboriginal artefacts.  

Inspired by the elements of nature and the essence of Indigenous traditions, Hewitt’s design captures the spirit and energy of the land.  

The livery combines vibrant red tones representing the burning sun, and the flowing lines symbolise the energy reflecting upon the dusty earth.  

The use of white accents depicts the heat waves, and clouds pushed about by the region’s distinctive humidity. 

Additionally, the black vibrations pay homage to the deep cultural roots of Australia’s Indigenous peoples and serve as a respectful acknowledgment of the Indigenous round in 2023.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to merge my artistic expression with the world of motorsports,” Hewitt said. 

“This collaboration showcases the beauty and resilience of Indigenous culture while adding a vibrant touch to the Nulon Racing Supercars.  

“I hope this design sparks conversations and inspires people to learn more about our rich heritage.” 

Nulon Racing Team Principal, Matt Cook, said the team was excited to carry Hewitt’s designs in Darwin.  

“Partnering with William Hewitt has been an incredible journey,” Cook said. 

“His artwork is a testament to the enduring connection between art, culture, and sport.  

“The livery design not only adds a striking visual appeal to our race car but also serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about the significance of Indigenous culture in our community.” 

Tom Murray Nulon Channel Marketing Manager, said. 

“Nulon is excited to be a part of the Supercars Indigenous round at the 2023 Darwin Triple Crown and proud to display indigenous artwork by William Hewitt on the Nulon Racing Camaros. We’re looking forward to seeing the all-new Gen 3 cars hit the racetrack in Darwin and being a part of a Supercars event that pays tribute to the Indigenous culture”.  

June 16-18 will be exceptionally busy for Nulon Racing in Darwin, with the weekend hosting not only the next round of the Supercars championship with the Darwin Triple Crown, but also the final round of the 2022/2023 Burson Auto Parts Australian Top Fuel Championships, with the Nitro Up North event firing up on the Hidden Valley Drag Strip on the Friday and Saturday night.  

Team boss Peter Xiberras is currently equal second in the championship standings heading into the final round, with the team set to do all they can to secure a third straight Top Fuel national title in Darwin.

For event information, visit (Darwin Triple Crown) and (Nitro Up North).  

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