One to forget for Garry and Car #76. Unfortunately, a straight-line drive issue after qualifying left the team watching Race 4 from the pits.

A large, lap one race accident delayed the race and resulted in a restart. Chris Started from P12 and the team opted for the long strategy pitting on lap 22 with two right-hand side tyres. Re-joining the pack in P16.

A solid drive from Chris with strong race pace, finished P14.



Both boys getting good starts and stayed clear of the carnage ahead. Chris came in to pit on lap 11 with a 4.4 second stop, well done team! Garry on a different strategy and stayed out long until coming in to take his stop on lap 17. Slotting back in right behind teammate Chris, in P22.

Chris once again showing strong race pace, climbing 9 positions to finish P16. Garry struggling slightly with car set-up, crossed the finish line in P21.


“Sunday was a positive day overall; we made some great gains overnight and there was some really good potential coming out of qualifying. We showed some pretty good race pace overall, I just got a bit stuck in a train and couldn’t create a passing opportunity in that last race. However, the races were fun, and we managed to pass a few cars throughout the day.

“Lots of promising signs and a lot of improvement from round one to round two which is obviously our main objective to keep improving each time we hit he track. So, thank you to the team, especially the Coca-Cola crew have been awesome as they’ve put a lot of effort in, and I feel like that’s now showing with our speed. Thank you to everyone for the support and I look forward to the AGP.”


“We had a tricky day today, after some technical issues from Saturday but the team were able to fix the steering rack overnight. Little bit difficult but I’m proud of the team as we got there in the end. The main thing is by the end of the day the car felt a lot healthier and we got everything working properly and started to show our true pace as the weekend went on in the final race. It was great to get out there in the last race and develop more knowledge of the car and where it’s at so that was very valuable to me.

“A big thank you to the crew as it wasn’t an easy weekend for them with the cards that we were dealt. But they worked really hard and well together to give me the best car they could, and the effort was very much appreciated. Also, very exciting to show off the Subway colours again here in Tassie and thanks for their support on track this weekend.